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Acquisition of your GermanCo

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Configuration of your Legal Department

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No In-House Legal Counsel?
Legal Interim Services!

No matter whether the size of your business does not allow you to create a position for an in-house-legal counsel yet or whether a vacancy occurred unexpectedly: With Legal Interim Services you will find a temporary (or even long term) tailor-made legal consultancy solution for the individual situation of your business in Germany. If you have already acquired or incorporated your "GermanCo" you might have relied one of the big law firms - why run any risk and look for a new local legal counsel if the big legal players you are used to working with have offices also in Germany? But is this the right strategy for bringing the GermanCo on track once the acquisition (or incorporation) has been completed? Your budget might soon run out of control if the hourly rates which were applied during the acquisition phase are continued to be charged by your legal counsel in the day to day advice to the company.
If corporate housekeeping and the drafting of service and distribution agreements soon get quite expensive you might want to look for a legal advisor who is familiar with international transactions and with the demands of international investors. So if the brand and size of your legal counsel is not a decisive factor any more and if budget control is of essence: Opt for Legal Interim Services. In the absence of your own German in-house legal counsel we will shape your German business from the legal side - with straightforward advice and specific recommendations. We can also assist you in setting up your legal department both in the process of identifying the right persons for this task and by equipping the legal department with the necessary tools.

Why is the In-House Team so Lean?

In the event of special projects Legal Interim Services can help you to overcome a potential bottleneck situation, even if your own legal department already is operative. M&A and restructuring projects or a financing situation require your full attention. If you and your legal team have to fight on too many fronts, Legal Interim Services will ensure that you can do what is most important: concentrate on your business! 


Close Cooperation with the Management

Responsive and Fast Service & Communication

International Network and Contacts

Multilingual Contract Drafting and Negotiation

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Three More Things to Consider...

“Best practices, vast experience, an international (non-formalized and personal) network (in and outside the Big 4 firms) and the capability to cooperate with the in-house team as well as with external tax and financial advisors who may also be involved in a project, keeping always in focus the only goal: Your business success.”
“The team can be scaled in accordance with the needs of the client and the requirements of the specific project. If necessary, the team can be supplemented by temp lawyers who can make available additional capacities or who have special skills which are requrired for the specific project, e.g. lawyers advising in other jurisdictions."
“Keep your costs under control. Instead of implementing an in-house legal department, Legal Interim Services provide you with an efficient tool in particular for initial ramp-up phases and ensure that costs will be triggered only if legal projects are on the agenda. Budgets and continous fee reporting can be agreed for all indvidual projects."

Corporate Housekeeping Made Easy!

Usually, your in-house legal counsel will ensure that your corporate calendar is always up to date and that drafts of the resolutions will be prepared and submitted to the board members and/or to the shareholders in due time. If currently there is no German in-house counsel who can do the job for you: Concentrate on your business and opt for Legal Interim Services!